Vegan, Gluten Free Coffee Ice Cream

I have been drinking more coffee lately. In fact, or to be specific, I have been drinking more coffee that I got from El Salvador during my trip there to be in community with ecclesial base communities. One of the divine interactions was their home grown coffee. I took the idea of a cousin, and … Continue reading Vegan, Gluten Free Coffee Ice Cream

Fried Fish from Frozen

I love the idea of frying fish, but since I don't eat a lot of fried foods, I hardly ever took the time to learn. Now that my mom is with me, she remembers growing up with eating fried fish on Fridays. So I have taken a particular interest in learning how to fry fish. … Continue reading Fried Fish from Frozen

Earthing Therapy, Elaine’s Day

I first learned about earthing therapy when I started studying about toxic stress, the response of the body that sustains cortisol levels in the body at toxic levels, due to stress over a prolonged period of time. Earthing therapy is connecting the human body to the earth. The connection to the body and earth is … Continue reading Earthing Therapy, Elaine’s Day

Seeing The Dark

The darkness can seem so scary. But God...sent His son to dispel the fear that the night holds, and break through the thickness of the unknown--and instead, brought clarity, security, and direction from His light of love. So the next time I meet the darkness, whether metaphorically or for real, my spirit is prepared to … Continue reading Seeing The Dark

To My Black and Brown Sisters

To my younger sisters: Change is confusing if you find yourself at a crossroad and think you are ill equipped to choose. If you find a guiding principle, then choices are easy, because that guiding principle almost makes the choice for you. For example, if you go right it is a bar and if you … Continue reading To My Black and Brown Sisters

Quotes From the COVID-19 Food-Pick up, Day #56

I am very grateful that I have been able to partner with so many entities to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to people who need them, Grace Presbyterian Church being a main partner. Here are what some of the folks have been able to say so far! We have had about six pick-ups, ranging from … Continue reading Quotes From the COVID-19 Food-Pick up, Day #56

Elaine’s Cake, Day#55

I remember last week I finally was able to bring Bill and Elaine their cake that I had promised. It was a vegan, gluten free carrot cake. A carrot cake made without butter, milk, eggs, or any of the usual culprits within cakes. Instead, I made it out of oatmeal, coconut oil, raisins, and black … Continue reading Elaine’s Cake, Day#55

Vegan, Gluten Free Ginger Stir Fry, Day #54

Elaine saud, "its OK." And I knew this stir fry was not a winner. Oh shucks, maybe next time. The noodles were hard for her to eat with, so if I do it again, rice will be the choice starch. Evenstill, this is one of my favorite stir frys, mainly because of the caramelization of … Continue reading Vegan, Gluten Free Ginger Stir Fry, Day #54

Mourning, Day # 53

Today I thought about old grief, and how that impacted my current perspective. Grief from childhood siblings, not being listened to, ignored, dismissed, and those type of recordings. I spent the day just allowing some of those buried feelings to surface, and to try to fully feel them. The hope? The hope is that I … Continue reading Mourning, Day # 53