First Day of Camp

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I love it! We were able to go to the pantry to help out (and get food), as well as make our own nachos. We are certainly making a collaboration of this agenda for the month of July, and I am very grateful that I value conversation. Because if not, I’m not sure that I would have any participants because I want seven days a week, and the participants are pushing back! šŸ™‚ And the beautiful part, is that it is OK. I want to teach, but I can’t teach if they are not willing to learn, or have a different way of learning, so being able to be in this position is a learning experience of leadership for me!

Check out the photos!!

You will see that there were English/Spanish classes that I was teaching, as well as the empty shelves at the end of the pantry, and Rashawna pushing the cart. You will also see the delicious nachos that we made.



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